Hi there! I am Amal Oli.

I migrated to Australia from Nepal about 4 years ago.I was all enthusiastic to work and explore a new country but honestly, it wasn’t all rosy. I did have challenges settling down but it is worth the journey. What I learnt is, you have to be open to change and learn new things, develop your language skills and be self-reliant.

I have started this blog mainly to acquaint the new as well as potential migrants from Nepal with immigration laws and family laws of Australia.

As new migrants, we face cultural and attitudinal differences in Australia. If you are not well informed and welcoming of the change you will see yourself doubting your decision to move to Australia. Although the settling process looks daunting, I suggest, remain hopeful. In no time, you will start loving the atmosphere and the people here!

Hope to keep you engaged with my informational blog posts. You are welcome to get in touch with me😊